Mir Revenge High Rate

Back by popular demand

Exp rate times 27 of euro mir.
Gold. LOW and no auto collect. Mir Revenge server always seem to end up with stupid amounts of gold in game so I am going to being reducing the drop rate of gold.
Orbs and gems. All orbs and gems, with unlucky and lucky orbs and gems in drop files as well. Unlucky orbs and gems have less chance of working, and lucky gems and orbs have a much better chance of working.
Pets. All classes will have access to pets.
Wizards will have free pets to start with, which you will be able to access at any time in game using the 9 key.
Tao’s will have a range of shinzu and skelly and deva mix all spawned via the 9 key rather then spells. All Tao’s will have these at the start of the server.
Warriors will have the option of up to 2 pets only, which they will have to pay for.
Special rings, all special rings will be in game with no time limit, but not special repairable.

Reduced PK points…
50 PK point per kill, however they will take longer to burn off. There will be an option to pay for them to be removed.

Respawn Upon death
I know Tao’s are able to bring you back to life, but there will be an option to bring yourself back to life when you die.

EXP bonuses
Taoist will have a 20% exp bonus, this might be capped at a later date depending on the level difference.
Warrior will have a 5% exp bonus, this might be capped at a later date depending on the level difference.
Wizard will have no bonus as they are easy to level.

Extra spells.
All classes will have Purification to mainly cut down on grief.
Taoist will have cross half-moon and FireBang. This is to help with level. Both of these spells will have 100000000 exp point to level them, to keep Taoist from levelling them up beyond level 0. These spells are purely to help level due to bug with poison cloud. Poison cloud not always giving EXP when the mobs die
Assassin spells might be added for Taoist and warriors at a later date.

You will be able to craft better orbs and gems using unlucky and normal gems and orbs.
You will be able to craft pots and buffs use different items found in game.
You will be able to craft special rings but these will have time limit on them.

Custom items.
You will be able to have your kit customized, this will have to be done by me per item. You can customize the name and the skin on the items for £5 an item. These items are based on the item you already have, the stats will just be moved over to your custom item. You can of course drop this items like normal items.

Starting level
Everyone will start at level 40.
All items under level 40 will be changed to level 40.
You will have all spells up to level 20, all basic spells will be level to level 3.

Level ups
Each 5 levels you level up you will receive pets.
Every 10 levels you will receive bonus such as teleport scrolls to King rooms, Gamegold, bonus points, and gold.

Will try and do silly events at least once a week.

VIP npc will offer special repair at the normal rate.
Unlimited teleports to inside caves, such as ZT maze, ST maze, straight into slave cave.
Access to VIP crafting which will allow you to craft items but require less resources.

Think that covers everything.

Christmas event

Christmas time.
We all love Christmas and this year’s event is going to be the biggest EVER on Mir Revenge.
To take part all you need is a Facebook account (which is free to create) and a Mir character.

1st of December is going to be the 1st day of the events with our annual advent events.
Each day leading up to Christmas I will be posting little tasks on Facebook and the forums, complete the task and get a reward. Tasks will be nothing major, things like Post your favourite Christmas song.
Christmas trees, Reindeer, Turkeys, Evil Santa will all be back, along with a whole new hunting area, 2 new mazes, and a full range of Christmas items.


Easter and Noob Event

Tried my best to make sure that everyone can take part and benefit from the event, but at the same time making sure that its not stupidly easy, so here are all the details.

Last 3 days of easter event…

This weekend will see the end of the Easter event.
EXP will be doubled.
White rabbits will be removed from drop files and eggs.
Gold and Jeweled Rabbit drop will be increased.
All item parts drop rates will be increased.
All item drop rates will be increased.


Easter event tweaks.

The following changes have been made to the Easter event.
All Easter items are now level 55 to wear. Each item has had it’s stats tweaked to bring it in line with an of the same level, but slightly better due to being an event item.
Have added Advance and Elite Easter items. These are level 65 (Advance) and 75 (elite) Easter items. These can be made buy upgrading your current Easter items.

All 3 Easter caves have been tweaked to make them more enjoyable. This basically means that all the stats have been dropped massively.
Trap rocks have been removed from the cave fully.

Have added the following items.
GoldenJewRabbit. If you manage to find one of these you can trade it in for an single Easter item, this includes Easter para/pro/rev and Advance/Elite Easter items.

Easter Gems/Orbs and Easter Crystals have also been added. These can be used to upgrade any item. However the Easter gem/orb will not tell you what stat it is adding.

Hope you enjoy the improvements and additions.


New mir client to hopefully stop freezing.

Run the auto patch to get the latest version of the mirclient. We are hoping that this will address the freezing issue, although I am not 100% on this.
The new exe also has new logging by pressing the L button. If you do freeze press the L key, wait 10 -15 seconds, log out (do not exit) and the log file will be written to c:\mirlogs. Email or Skype me the log file and I will pass it on to the coder.


Easter and Noob event

Tried my best to make sure that everyone can take part and benefit from the event, but at the same time making sure that its not stupidly easy, so here are all the details.

Any player under level 50 (so u have to be level 49) can get a nice bonus from the event NPC in BW. If you are 50 or over then you will just get your basic spells levelled.
If you are under level 50 then you will get the following boosts.
Boosted to level 50.
Free kit (pretty decent kit I think).
All basic spells levelled to level 3.
EXP boost of 30% for 2 hours (as long as you don’t log out).

The Easter event is pretty much the same as all the other years but I have tried to add some twisted.
2 start with you will need to hunt Easter bunnies around town maps. There are however 2 type of these, 1 of them has super high AC and the other has super high AMC. So if you can’t kill a bunny then its because your attacking the wrong type.
Rabbits drop eggs.
There are 3 types of eggs. Egg1/2/3
The higher the number the better chance you have of getting something decent.

As well as item eggs can drop EXP pots which give up to 50% extra exp for 20 minutes. They also drop rabbits. There are 3 types of rabbits, White/Gold/Jeweled, The rabbits are used to access the Easter caves.
There are 3 caves, each cave harder then the next, and with better drops and exp.

Each cave has a boss and lots of mobs. The Easter mobs will only drop new items (excluding pots).
The following new items are in game.
Easter Fan
Easter Blade
Easter Staff
Easter Boots
Easter Necklace
Easter Ring
Easter Glove
Easter Wheel
Easter Helmet
Easter Belt
Easter Armour(F)
Easter Armour(M)
Easter Para ring
Easter Pro ring
Easter Rev ring

Not each cave will drop all items, so you will have to spend time in all 3 caves.
Easter Para ring, Easter Pro ring, Easter Rev ring are not in the drop files. You have to create this items by collecting the parts. There are 9 parts to each ring. The part are spread across all 3 caves and all 3 Easter eggs. You can also create a Easter armour by collecting part, but Easter armours are also in drop files.

As well as all of the above double exp will be on during the whole event.
Double Gamegold will be on during the whole event.

Please remember that the event is on for almost a month, and the drop files have been based on this, so do not expect to collect all the parts for a ring within the 1st 10 minutes.

More events will be added over the Easter weekend.


Double exp and no item breaking.

Double exp is on all weekend.
No items will break (excluding stones) until the freezing bug is sorted.


New mirclient.exe on auto patch.

Run auto patch to get the new mirclient.exe it has improved handling on Velocity errors.
Also has the new logging system (press L when you freeze).


Todays reboot

Todays reboot will see the following added.

New cave:-
Jinchon Temple.
This is a very big cave and aimed at level 55+ player.
The EXP is great and the drops are also pretty decent (based on the drop files anyways)

Jinchon Temple can be accessed from the new snow town.

The new snow town is in game along with NPC’s but the NPC need to be written which I will do after reboot. This should include heroes NPC.

The following items have also been added.

Earrings. There are 12 different types of these and they go in your candle slot.
New stone.
New level 50+ items, and new level 60+ items.
New mounts.
New impact, magic, soul drugs.
New pots and sun pots.

Chances of orbs and gems have been increased so should work more offend.
Time of para ring para’ing people and monsters has been reduced from 5 second to 2 seconds.
Probe necklace will no longer search monsters.

Think that covers everything. Item stats have not been done, but will do these now, so if u do get a new item before 6PM the stats might change.


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