Legend of Mir

Mir Revenge will reopen very shortly.
A huge thank you to everyone who help test the latest server, the server couldn’t of reopened without you.
Mir Revenge 2.6 is a Legend of Mir High rate server with the experience rate set to 25 times that of euro Mir. Mir Revenge uses the 2.6+ files available from www.lomcn.org
We have been working hard on the server files for the last few months to fix all MAJOR bugs in the game, and of course all those little bugs. There are still some very small bugs which will hopefully be fixed by the time the server opens.

All players now start @ level 22, with a basic kit and the basic spells. You will also get a few pets to help you get through the 1st couple of levels.
With a whole new heroes system in game, it takes Legend of Mir to a whole new level, without losing the epic gaming style Mir has to offer. We currently offer 4 characters, with archers being added before Christmas hopefully.

Legend of Mir still appeals to many ages and both genders, so to protect all users who play the game, or who use the forums, we have some very strict rules. The rules, although strict, are in place to protect anyone who wish to play on the Mir Revenge server. Anyone [without exception] breaking the rules will be banned from playing Mir Revenge for a set amount of time. People who continue to break the rules will be permanently banned. Please make sure you have read the rules before you start playing. You can read the full rules here.

The quickest and easiest way to download Mir Revenge is using our auto patch. The auto patch can also be run when updates are available. He is a full guide on how to download Mir and get in game.

Mir Revenge High rate is now closed, after being online for 7 years without a server wipe. This was the longest running Legend of Mir in the Western world without a server wipe. When High rate closed it had over 200,000 characters and 40,000 registered users.

Legend of Mir is a massive online multiplayer role-playing game based in a mysterious Oriental-style world

In Mir you can be a powerful warrior and develop your ability in close combat, alternatively you can be skillful wizard with a whole range of spells, or even a mystic taoist provided with inner spiritual powers.

Mir Revenge had 27 times more experience than the official euro Mir 2 server, and our new server is likely to be around 18 times more experience then the old Euro server. Mir Revenge server brings you fun on a grand scale. Offering more quests than any other Legend of Mir Server, weekly events, unique items, unique bosses and unique maps, the fun will never end.

You may have played other servers in the past, servers which die off due to lack of players, lack of variety and things to do and mostly due to lack of support. Mir Revenge however, was online now for 7 years and offered excellent support with forum based chat, real time chat via SKYPE (user name Mirrevenge), in game chat and email support (admin@miremails.com). Any bugs, no matter how big or small, get looked at as soon we are made aware of them. As the old server was closed source software, and there were no updates for the files, the game contained some bugs that we cannot fix, and this led to the server closing. We have all the source code for the new files, so we are able to fix any and all bugs in game.

Mir Revenge is a Pirate server, and based on the game “Legend of Mir”. Most artwork within the client belong to WeMade Entertainment.

All Mir 2 servers are free to play :-)

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