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Mir Revenge High Rate
Back by popular demand
New fresh start server opens this weekend.
For full details see the latest forum post http://mirrevenge.com/forums/mir-revenge-hr/37504-mir-revenge-high-rate.html
Just download the client as normal from http://www.mirrevenge.com/MirRevengeSetup.exe
The patch to connect to High rate will be release tomorrow. Will just be a case of changing the IP address.

Mir Revenge Refresh.
Legend of Mir has been running since 2001. Mir Revenge has been running since 2006. Project 69 is the longest running Legend of Mir private server and it’s still open. It’s only down to the hard work and input from www.lomcn.org that Mir 2 is still active.
Mir Revenge Refresh will be the 4th and LAST server that we try and run. The 1st Mir server (2.3 high rate) ran for over 6 years without a wipe. The server was a huge success and at its peak had over 300 players online at once. For those who have never played Legend of Mir before that is a lot of players to be online at once. The character database for high rate was well over 200,000 characters, many of which played the game from the opening day till the day it was closed.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you look at it, Legend of Mir hasn’t changed as much as other games. Mir Revenge Refresh will be using 2.6 files, but only using 3 classes, Warrior, Wizard, and Taoist.
The new server will have all the town’s and hunting area’s that were found in the original Mir 2. We aim to add at least 1 new hunting area every month, and as well as new quests and items.
As well as daily quests and whole range of new quests, Mir Revenge Refresh will feature 2 new systems.

Legend run’s.
Legend runs are a set of maze which require you to RUN to the end of the maze in a set time. Of course there will be monsters in the way to try and stop you, and you can only wear a basic kit. There are single run’s, and group run’s that require 1 of each class, and all 3 of characters have to reach the end within a set time. The rewards for completing these mazes’ include, Gold, Gamegold, standard item’s and exclusive item’s. Each and every person will get at least 1 reward for completing a Legend run.

Bichon Trail’s.
Bichon Trail’s will be another way to guarantee a drop each time. The trail’s give a whole new twist to team work and group hunting. Each trail requires at least 1 of each class, and require you to solve a series puzzles and/or kill a series of monsters in the correct order to advance. The trail’s will test your communication skills and patience, but the reward will be worth the effort. Trail’s will have check point’s which will allow you teleport back, with the same group or a new group. Completing a Trail will unlock a new trial for you to try. Each trail you finish will guarantee you at least 1 rare item, and 900 (3 X 300 Gamegold scrolls) Gamegold for your group.

Many Mir server’s sell Gamegold to fund the server, and this normally mean’s the server becomes “pay to win”, and the past Mir Revenge servers are no exception to this. Mir Revenge Refresh will have a Gamegold system which will sell Heaven item’s and Mir item’s (when people are of the right level). You will be able to rent a skill necklace. It will also sell King Room teleports and pet’s for Wizard’s (Pets for wizards will allow wizards to buy pets that are up to 6 level’s higher than their current level for 2 hours). There will be NO EXP tokens of any kind for sale, NO sale of levels, NO sale of special rings, and NO sell of pet’s for Warrior’s or Taoist’s.

There will be a VIP system. The VIP system will cost £5 a month per character, or £8 for 2 characters, or £10 for 3 characters. The VIP system will give unlimited special repair, discount pot’s and scroll’s, King’s Room Teleport every 6 hour’s (you can visit each king’s room every 6 hours), free pets for wizards (up to 8 level higher than your current level, and last 3 hour’s), and discounted skill necklace rental.

Mir Revenge Refresh will be a MED rate server, and the exp will be set at 13 times that of the original Legend of Mir.
There will be NO assassin class.
All players now start @ level 1.
Gold rate will be the same as Mir 2.
The drop rate will be the same as Mir 2.
Bosses will spawn every 45 – 60 minutes, with at least 1 double spawn every 24 hours.
Lords will spawn once every 72 hours’.
The spawn rate will be around 30-50% higher than Legend of Mir 2.
All special rings (protection, Para, teleport) will only last 12 hours’. (Timer run’s as long as the item is being worn).
Event’s will only be for big occasions, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, October 8th. All event items will last 72 hours of playing time, and be deleted totally when a new event starts. Halloween items will be deleted when the Christmas event start, Christmas item’s will be deleted when the Easter event starts.
There will be NPC’s to teleport you to cave entrance’s.
There will be at least 1 MAJOR update on the 1st of each month (excluding new years day)

Legend of Mir still appeals to many ages and both genders, so to protect all users who play the game, or who use the forums, we have some very strict rules. The rules, although strict, are in place to protect anyone who wish to play on the Mir Revenge server. Anyone [without exception] breaking the rules will be banned from playing Mir Revenge for a set amount of time. People who continue to break the rules will be permanently banned. Please make sure you have read the rules before you start playing. You can read the full rules here.

The quickest and easiest way to download Mir Revenge is using our auto patch. The auto patch can also be run when updates are available. He is a full guide on how to download Mir and get in game.

Mir Revenge is a Pirate server, and based on the game “Legend of Mir”. Most artwork within the client belong to WeMade Entertainment.

All Mir 2 servers are free to play 🙂

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