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Need some Help/Feedback please.

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  • Need some Help/Feedback please.

    If you have ever played around with a Mir Server, or any game server for that matter you know how much of a pain in the ass it is trying to balance the stats.

    So i have a general base stat now for all 3 chars.
    All items go up pretty much the same amount of stats per level per item.

    However before i carry on i would love you feedback on the basic stats now. I do not want to have to redon the whole database due to one class being over/underpowered.

    Here are the stats for each class in full Starter kit.


    Taoist Warrior Wizard
    HP 555 989 270
    MP 700 186 1333
    AC 9-24 14-36 4-19
    AMC 14-32 5-17 15-30
    DC 14-24 14-46 12-16
    MC 7-25
    SC 7-25

    You lot have played Mir a hell of a lot more then me, and a lot more servers then me, and hopefully we can get this nice and balanced before we go into testing.


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    In Game Feedback on things i've noticed so far Lapta,

    Bosses / Sub Bosses Broke or Not Dropping anything...

    King Scorpion,IncarnatedWhoomaTaurus, King Hog, (Havent Killed IncarnatedZumaTaurus or DarkDevil (But i imagine all mobs in BDD - Not even dropping pots) Oma Warrior, Bone Lord, MTK, - In fact i think all of Pranji Island drop files arn't working. Evil Centipedes in Bug Cave - Mongchon (This may be intentional) like some are fake sub bosses. All Creatures Big and Small in Dark Forest ( don't drop - again not sure if that's intentional on floors 1,2,3 couldn't find a boss or sub boss not sure if it has one. ( not familiar with that map )

    King Scorpion in Black Dragon Dungeon
    Incarnated WhoomaTaurus - Black Dragon Dungeon
    King Hog - Black Dragon Dungeon
    Bone Lord - Pranja Stone Cave
    MinotaurKing - Pranja Temple
    Evil Centipedes - Bug Cave ( Mongchon )

    Enterance to ???, at the back end of Border Village, doesn't take you anywhere ( Not sure if this is planned )
    Enterance to Foxes Cave isn't working ( Mongchon South of Map. )


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      As We Spoke of of FB, i think going forward i'd personally enjoy the game more if not all books were given and learned after leaving the Tutorial at lvl 3, id enjoy the game more lvling them up myself and maybe not being given them all up to FlameField, Rage, and Plague i'd want to hunt for them as that is the point of Mir The Hunt and Grind for Rare Items. but i know its a high rate sever so its up to you.

      Now assuming the XP boost in Trail will change when server goes live... You can do 2 quests in Mongchon and be lvl 300+ fun for the trial.. but please take that boost off lol.

      Quests have a lvl cut off too so if your that person that likes to chill do quests and do the Holy Sword quest then this could be a problem if the above Boost is on either that or if its possible to take the lvl cap of doing any quest.?

      Also from my experience from playing the Trail so far have you and will you try and find the time with your busy schedule to ensure theres plenty of items to go at? meaning im lvl 300+ warrior killing all that i can and finding nothing 70+ so again assuming this will be added in greater detail upon going live.

      Thank You Lapta Your A Legend


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        Thanks for the feedback.
        All drop files have been deleted apart from the ones listed in the update thead