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  • Updates.

    4/4/2020 - Redone the item database. Removed a lot of low level items. Restated all items that remain.
    5/4/2020 - Checked Every NPC script ingame.
    Removed unused/unwanted NPC.
    Crafting lady removed.
    Premium cave access removed.
    Removed all low level items from shops.
    5/4/2020 - Checked all maps, all doors, all spawns. Removed a few unused maps. All Bosses spawned.
    Town maps need changing to English.
    Need to make changes to some mob stats, but this will be addressed when going through all the mob stats.

    Removed all low level mobs form BW. Hens, Deers and Trees will still spawn.
    Redone, Stats, Spawn, Drops in Oma Cave. Not King Tomb.
    Redone, Stats, Spawn, Drops in Mines and Ghoul Cave.
    Redone, Stats, Spawn, Drops in Wooma Woods.
    Redone, Stats, Spawn, Drops in Insect Cave. Added Khazard items, Rare level 60 items, KhazardHelmet, KhazardNecklace, KhazardWheel, KhazardRing, KhazardBelt and KhazardBoots. Stats change depending on Class.
    Redone, Stats, Spawn, Drops in Wooma Temple. Added Womma Items, WoomaHelmet, WoomaNecklace, WoomaBracelet, WommaRing, WoomaBelt, WommaBoots, Rare Level 65 items, Break on Death!
    Redone, Stats, Spawn, Drops in Bug Cave. Gems and orbs added to drop files.

    Decreased the ACC, and AGIL on all mobs above as i think i set them too high.
    Stone Temple, Mobs and drop files updated, add Evil Snake items, level 68 items.
    Fixed HP on the above mobs.
    Zuma Temple, Mobs and drop files updated, add Zuma, level 72 items, these drop for ZT and SUPER Zuma Guardians.
    Mineral Mines, Update stats and drop files. Wasn't really sure what to do with this cave, as i personally think its a terrible cave. So i have made it a leveling cave (ish). Also major increased the drop rate of Gems and Orbs here.
    Updated Sabuk secret Gate mobs, all 2 of them.
    Updated Red Valley, mobs and spawns, no addition items, might add some later on.
    Added a pretty nice starting area and have now discovered that spells aren't working at all :\
    Working on sorting out the spells, something to do with the server. Will keep you updated.

    Got the Windows server sorted out
    FInished of the starting area, well for Warriors anyways.
    Your get a full kit, and some orbs to play around with.
    The new character process is a but long winded.
    You have to agree to the server rules, and agree you have a real email address on your account. Once you agree you will be leveled up. Then you have to sort your hair out. Once your happy with your hair you get given your spells, and then last but not least you get your kit.
    I could of done it all one 1 NPC, or just a login script, but i wanted to drag it out a little so cut down on people making new character to grief with in BW... (the good old days).
    Plus this little are gives you time to sort your character out in peace.
    Due to the fact the NPC's give you lots of kit, i have added a few fail safes in.
    1 The kit is worthless, so free to repair.
    2 The NPC's disappear once you have used them.
    3 The NPC's also log every player getting kit, so if the NPC doesn't disappear you won't be able to get extra free items.
    4 The orbs are called NoobOrbs and will disappear from your bag after 15 minutes. This stops people from storing them and using them on non starter items.
    5 The Exit NPC will delete all the unused orbs from your bag once you leave the map.

    Finished off the Noob area.
    All NPC now working for all classes.

    Changed the looks of all the noob kit.
    Added the real stats to the noob kit. Check out you basic stats here.
    Increased MP and HP pots.
    Removed some unused items from the database.
    Added Stats to new items, Zuma, EvilSnake etc.

    Updated stats and drops on Viper Cave, Black Dragon Dungeon.
    Removed White Dragon Passage, Dark Swamp, Dark Forest, and Troll Mine. These will be readded at some point, but the mobs aren't working as they should at the moment, and i have no idea how many people will be playing, so do not want to waste a lot of time on something that might never be used.
    Prajna Stone Cave updated.
    Prajna Temple updated.
    Fox Cave update.
    All updates now live on the server.

    No updates for a month :\
    Good thing i didn't send out all those emails. More Updated to be done today.

    I am pretty sure there is no way for another player to recall someone out of the starting area, but i will check on this later on. If i do find a way to recall someone out of the starter area then i might have to rethink the whole free orb thing, and we know that everyone loves to exploit free stuff.

    I am redoing every stat, and every drop file in game. Mainly to remove all the old lower items out the files, and to make sure the drop rate is correct for the item names. The drop files are pretty loose and should see a nice flow of items into the game over a short period of time.

    I am generally increasing the stats by 3 to 5 times that of Euro Mir, well the default database that i have

    Will be sending out a mass email soon to ask people to login and test the changes.


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    Been super busy at work.
    Everyone else i work has been furloughed, so i am covering most areas north of Birmingham.

    Still working on the server tho



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      Been a very busy few days. Today i will hopefully be able to work on Mir