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    Mir Revenge is using the Crytail Files from
    I know a little about them, and i am sure there are players who know a hell of a lot more then i do. If you know about these files and would like to offer your help please get in touch.

    These files will work on Windows 7 and Windows 10. If you are not using either of these operating Systems i will not be able to offer support.
    You can download Windows 10 from
    If you are a Windows 7 user the upgrade is free.

    There are some minor issues with the files, but generally speaking they work fine.

    The Game will run in Full screen, but i would recommend playing in Windows Mode.

    Windows 10 issues:-
    Text in game in too big.
    This is related to Windows 10 scaling. To fix this you with need to go to windows 10 setting, then click system.
    Scroll down a little and you will see these boxes.
    If, Change the size of text,apps and other items, is set to anything other then 100% some ingame text will appear bigger then it should.
    This also applies to the auto patching software. Basically if you are playing Mir i would suggest you set your PC to 1 monitor and 100% scaling.
    The bigger text ingame will not stop Mir from working, but it really annoys me personally.


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    Messge me in fb Mousa Eqilan if you want help with your server crystal files im onwer of darkzone server