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11PM reboot

Today’s reboot addressed the following issues. Balanced out torches and made them brighter. Opened fox cave. Tweaked drop files to add a better chance of getting mid range items, working on mobs that do not drop at the moment such as ghoul’s. Made adjustments to some more spell leveling point requirements, most noticeable will be […]

8PM reboot

Fixed all TM’s so they work now. Reduced the amount of skill points needed to level spells. Added more skill books to the book merchant, he now sells all of the follow books. Fencing Slaying Thrusting HalfMoon ShoulderDash FireBall Repulsion ElectricShock GreatFireBall HellFire ThunderBolt Teleport FireBang FireWall Lightning ThunderStorm MagicShield Healing SpiritSword Poisoning SoulFireBall SummonSkeleton […]

11th opening date might be delayed or bought forward.

I have to go to Nottingham on Thursday night for a training day on Friday at HP, i am still waiting for all the details so it looks like i will have to open the server on Saturday rather then Friday, or Thursday, however i don’t really wanna open the server on a Thursday. Once […]

Second round of testing

Server has been wiped ready to test. thanks to all of you who have emailed me offering to help. Your accounts will still be on the server however your characters and items have all been wiped. Log in to game and i will change your level to level 40. All the NPC’s are still in […]

Server opening

Looks like we will be opening a server after all. As of Friday 4th the test server will become the test server with the correct settings, drop files, spawn rate etc for the live server. A set number of people will have GM power to test things like drops and exp etc. If you want […]

11th November 2016

That would be the opening date if a server was to reopen. Would be looking for support staff if we were to reopen, someone to maintain and monitor item stats, someone to monitor EXP rates in each area, someone to monitor gold and item drops, and someone to manage player feedback. All these roles would […]

Would you play the server if it went live?

Halfway through the testing. So far we have received great feedback with no major bugs. The question is would you play the server if it went live. There is a live poll on the forums now. Please have a quick look and a vote.

Please vote for us

Please vote for us on the below sites. Hopefully it will increase traffic and users.


Please report any bugs you find on the test server on the forums. if you do not have a forum account please create one, or email us directly at

Black Screen

Some players are getting issues when logging in to Mir. Reports of Mir not loading and just displaying a black screen have been reported. There could be a few reasons for this. You might need to update your .net framework. Download the 2 links below to update your ,net framework. .Net framework 3.5 (which includes […]

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