11PM reboot

Today’s reboot addressed the following issues.
Balanced out torches and made them brighter.
Opened fox cave.
Tweaked drop files to add a better chance of getting mid range items, working on mobs that do not drop at the moment such as ghoul’s.
Made adjustments to some more spell leveling point requirements, most noticeable will be firewall.
Working on adjust spawn rates and drop files at the moment, which is pretty long winded, but hopefully be able to have a much bigger update for you all tomorrow.
Today’s update was meant to be a lot bigger, but due to a accident on the motorway today at 2PM it took me an addition 3 hours to get home today
M6 reopens near Preston after lorry crash | Blog Preston
Have a good night and keep the feedback coming in via the forums www.mirrevenge.com/forums

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