Account sharing and trading rule change.

Share accounts, trade accounts for in game items and gold (not real life money) give accounts away, i really don’t care.

You will lose all support if you account share/trade/give away. I mean all support, from losing items, recoverying passwords, being greifed, being “hacked”, I don’t want any emails from you, as the only reply you will get is “I don’t support account sharing”

If you wish to change your details on an shared/traded/given account then you can do this. You will need the user name and password and £10.

Once you have changed the details to your details the account then becomes yours, and as long as you do not give out any details to anyone you will be entitled to full support again. However, the second someone else logs on to your account you lose all support rights again.

This rules dose not apply to long term account shares (long term as in more then 3 years), also people who live in the same house.

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