Slighty new rules on abuse.

Due to the whole, if you report me i will report you attitude that you lot seem to have i have now changed the rules on abuse.

Abuse of any form MUST BE EMAILED to, within 1 hour of taking place. So if you get abused by someone @ 1:00am, i must have an email time stamp of before 2:00am on the same day for me to take an action. There really isnt hard to do.

All account banning will now be done in bulk, so rather then banning someone at the time of getting the email, i will do all the banning at once. All screen shot will be posted in the staff section of the forums, BUT NOT given to normal players, this is so i can’t just ban people without reason (like you think i do) then claim it was for abuse. So you will be able to come cry on the forums and another GM will be able to confirm why you are banned.

If 1 account is banned, then all your accounts are banned, this is all the accounts linked to your IP address in any way.

When an account is banned, the password will be emailed to the email address on the account once your account is unbanned. If there is no email address on the account, then you will have to contact me to get your password. If you would like to up date your account details, this is pretty easy, email with your current user name and password and the updated account details.

Any questions?


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